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Juiced – new short film

A small robot is dangerously low on battery and races to find a power source in a hostile environment. It needs JUICE… fast!


We don’t live in the same country anymore (Singapore and South Korea), and neither of us know any or enough actors, so this was an interesting workaround of both of them. My actors never complained and didn’t mind doing take after take after take. I didn’t even need to buy them coffee.


Pencils and Prayers: National Examination Day in South Korea

National Exam Day is probably the most stressful day in a young person’s life in South Korea, a stress which also extends to the families too. On days like this, the need for ritualised behaviour to alleviate the pressure  is remarkably similar outside the school gates and the within temple. This film compares the people on both sides of the gate on a day that really is make-or-break for a person’s life.

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Thanks a lot.

Filmed last year in Gangnam, Seoul.



Bromantic Seoul: Drinking in Korea

This bromantic night was shot last summer with our friends Graham and Richard. It’s not a complete account of what drinking in Korea is like (that would require visiting special establishments with very loose morals) but it was still very bromantic.

It was certainly tough documenting the night but no where near as tough as having to look at our own faces and listen to our own voices during the editing process. There was definitely a lot of cringing and cutting going on.

A special thanks to Andrew for directing the second half of the video. Never assume you can shoot a video about drinking and expect for things to go to plan. There were a few locations and activities we had to skip, due to lack of time and self control, but thanks to Andrew we were able to get the ending we wanted.

If you enjoyed the old Korean funk and soul soundtrack, please check out

Song Ji-A

Our latest video is for super lovely singer-songwriter Song Ji-A, who’s recently branched out into a solo career. We caught her at that first tentative stage, combining it with the ABSOLUTE TERROR of speaking English on camera.

She was so trusting of us, even when we had her stood in the rain pretending to smash her guitar while we ran around her with flashlights.


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It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything but we have shot a few videos and are planning a few more. Hopefully we can get something out by the end of the summer.

Here are some MTV stuff we crewed on during the spring.

The Koxx – A proper band that walks the walk.

Glen Check – A great band with the best drummer in Korea.


José Antonio Nigro – Photographer

We spent quite a while with the lovely José Antonio Nirgro (JAN to his mum and us!) who allowed us into his home and brain. A Venezuelan photographer, he currently lives in Seoul and gave us an insight into his transition from documentary photographer to studio-based art.

This video is NSFW, by the way. There are body parts on display which some bosses may regard as against company policy. But they are in black and white, so…

Here’s the Korean version – 한국어 자막 있어요.